*NEW SINGLE* ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ by Jazzy B & Sukshinder Shinda – Out Now!


The hairstyle is back!

The 90s are back!


Let’s be honest. When Jazzy B announced ‘Folk N Funky 2’, everyone was torn between being either:

  • extremely excited that Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda are back together and bringing back the old sound that we all know and love,
  • or being very anxious at the thought of the sequel to the evergreen classic failing to live up to the extremely high expectations set by its predecessor.

We were definitely in the same boat.

And then last week, Jazzy B announces the first single from his much awaited album is going to be ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’. Hit the panic button! We’ll be the first ones to admit that we were praying that this wasn’t going to be a remake of the original. The original ‘Londono Patola’ has got to be Jazzy B’s biggest and most well known UK track he’s released, and to call the first single from the new album, ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’, already you’ve set the bar extremely high, and put massive pressure on yourself to deliver! Oh, and he did! Not only did he deliver, he destroyed any doubts people had, and broke the Internet in the process. Twitter was set alight!


The dream team… The dynamic duo… The OGs. Whatever you call them; this track marks the return of Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda working together. Jazzy B’s last solo offering with Shinda was his album ‘Maharajas’ back in September 2011, which featured the late, great, Kuldip Manak. Since then, Jazzy B has ventured out to other producers, experimenting in different styles of music. Some working, some not.

Sukshinder Shinda has also been busy with his solo career too. With the release of ‘Rock Da Party’, back in July 2012, ‘The Maestro’ with A.S Kang in June 2013, ‘Collaborations 3’ in December 2014, and countless singles, he has definitely worked hard in building his solo career.

However, in that 5 year period, the public has been eagerly awaiting a new Jazzy B album. And it wasn’t just an album they wanted. They wanted something more this time round. They wanted Jazzy B to go back to his old sound, the sound that put him on the map.

Who better to help out with delivering such an album than the Music Man himself? The backbone of Jazzy B’s solo career is, and always has been, Sukshinder Shinda. It was his musical genius and his sound that was responsible for putting Jazzy B on the international stage.

‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ is a nostalgic throwback to a time where music was simply brilliant. We’ve mentioned this quite a few times in other articles, but the 90s were such a buoyant time for music in general, regardless of the genre. This track has brought back so many wonderful memories of when both Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda were in their prime. Everything, from the sounds used, to the arrangement, to the percussion, was perfect.

And to everyone doubting Sukshinder Shinda’s abilities as a producer, this track is undoubtedly a massive slap across the face, proving to everyone that he is still the king! Shinda definitely still has that fire in him! We all just hope he keeps making music like this.

Watch out India, the UK fire is back!

Artist Reactions

Tru-Skool (@TruSkoolUK)

Some people may know that I am a massive fan of Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda, especially from all the work they did in the 90s – the mid 90s, in particular. I have every single release of Jazzy B from the 90s on cassette and CD. With JK and I being huge fans of the duo, we’d always be waiting for the sound on the ‘Ghugian Da Jorha’/ ‘Get Back’/ ‘Folk N Funky’ albums, because as far as we are concerned, the real Jazzy B is the person on those recordings. With Jazzy’s 5th album, ‘All Eyez On Me’, we noticed a different style in the music, where it used more India style sounds and instruments. Jazzy’s vocals had also changed from what they were in his early days. It was still an album we enjoyed, but we assumed that on the next album that Jazzy and Shinda would give us the old sound, but unfortunately, this didn’t happen. This happened again on the albums that followed, and started to become a regular occurrence that with every Jazzy B album, we would be hoping for the return to the old sound. After Romeo, we got it into our heads that they weren’t going to go back to that sound anymore, but we still hoped that we were wrong when the Rambo and Maharajas albums released. Again, that sound wasn’t there, and Jazzy’s voice wasn’t the same as his younger days. We have been waiting since 1997 for Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda to give us this sound again, and we honestly thought there was no point in expecting it anymore.

But… Just when we thought it was a thing of the past, Jazzy B announces the album ‘Folk N Funky 2’, and the track, ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’. We were obviously very excited, but to be honest, we were quite skeptical, thinking it was so long ago since the first instalment, that maybe they’re not going to be able to capture the old feel. It doesn’t come down to capability as such, but comes down to memory, I guess, as it’s been so long and it maybe something that has now become foreign to them. In terms of calling the track, ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’, I knew that they weren’t going to try and redo the original song. I was just hoping that they would be able to capture the old sound. And they did that brilliantly! 

When I heard the song, I was literally smiling throughout the duration of the track.  I had such a big grin on my face! Jazzy’s voice was sounding a lot closer to the old Jazzy than he has in years, and to me, sounded a lot like how it did on ‘All Eyez On Me’. As far as the production by Sukshinder Shinda is concerned, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It is what UK Bhangra is all about. He delivered it 100%, and there was nothing lacking, whatsoever. This IS true UK Bhangra. It’s made me realise that Shinda is the exact same person, musically, as he was in the 90s, if he wants to be. I loved the percussion, all the piece work. It was so authentic. Often you hear of people trying to recreate things that they’ve done in the past and they’re not able to, but Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda have managed to do it! This is something that has made us very, very happy, and hopeful for the future of this scene. It has definitely told me and other fans that watch out for Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda because they ain’t going nowhere, despite the big gap they’ve had. I’m looking forward to the album and I hope there is more of this on there.

Finally, I just want to say a big massive thank you to Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda for giving the true fans, who have been waiting for years, a brilliant track like this.

Tubsy (@tubsydholki)

‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ has a massive focus on how we do things live now. There are a lot of similarities. There is a lot more energy in this track. The vocals are a lot more powerful on it too. The experience is shining through. Jazzy B has come a long way since the 90s. Recording and breathing techniques are all showing now. The maturity in his voice is showing. Jazzy has sang the track as if there is an audience in front of him, and the band behind him. There is that focus on that live element. There is also that element of spontaneity. You can tell he has not just gone into the studio and sang it line for line or a verse at a time. There is a lot of difference from this track and the original, with regard to the creative input Jazzy has had. It wasn’t just the case of him coming into the studio and singing the track. He’s given his creative input, which is something he wouldn’t have necessarily had 22 years ago.

With regard to the sound and studio, I’ve recorded in the same studio a couple of times after this album was completed, and even there, the engineer has said that both Jazzy and Shinda have really worked hard on this track to create that difference, and the results are there for all of us to hear.

As a band member, we do a lot of tracks that are on a sequencer, that have the original sounds from the tracks that were recorded in the studio. ‘Londono Patola’ and ‘Udham Singh’ are the only ones that we perform on a regular basis that are 100% live, where the actual pieces are being played there and then. The crowd reaction to Londono Patola, every time, without fail, is amazing. People know the difference between the sequenced version of songs as opposed to this one. This one always goes down well, not just because we’re playing it live, but there’s no holds barred. We’re let loose. This is what I think has been done on the recording on ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’. They’ve let loose to an extent. Shinda has put those thoreh (breaks) in that he used to. Speaking as a band member, this track is long overdue. The style of recording takes me back to when Shinda and I used to do recordings together on albums like Bomb The Tumbi, Flash Back and Death Jamm, and numerous others.

The general response from family and friends has been that it’s about time somebody took it back, hopefully this will have a dominoes effect and people will go back to the live sound and live music. That sound is in demand and always has been, but it was the case of who was going to do it. I’m so glad that the right guys have done it. I don’t think anybody else could have done it as much justice as Jazzy and Shinda have done.

JK (@jk1)

I think Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda have absolutely smashed it with ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’, considering the 20+ year gap since the 90s, when the original track was released. To even create THAT sound and for Jazzy to sound like this, I think it is a miracle. I don’t think that many producers and singers could pull that off. It is an absolute amazing thing that they’ve done.

In terms of Jazzy B, I was shocked! To hear a track like this today, it is shocking! It has brought back so many wonderful memories. With Jazzy’s recent releases, he has been experimenting with a lot of different sounds and different lyrical content. His releases are now very different from what they used to be. We were all very intrigued as to how ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ was going to sound.

I am Jazzy B’s number one fan, and have been listening to his songs from the beginning! I saw Jazzy perform even before he released a tape. He was performing at one of our family weddings. Joggers, who is Jazzy’s bass guitar player from his band, is a relative of mine. I was a fan from that day, when I met him. I even got the chance to dance with him on stage! I’ve got the utmost respect for Jazzy B, in terms of what he has done, his career, and he’s never looked back.

Sukshinder Shinda is a genius. He is an absolute genius! He is the man that has put all this together. What he has done with the music, the instrumentation and the sounds he’s used on the track, is just phenomenal. They’ve just taken it on another level. If both Jazzy and Shinda have stuff like this coming out on a regular basis, to be honest, I don’t think anyone can touch them. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to go near them if they stay like this for the rest of their careers. Sukshinder Shinda is proper musician. He is proper music director. There is no joke. He is a music machine. Mental dhol player, mental tabla player, mental keyboard player, you name it! He has Bhangra running through him.

I just want to say congratulations to the whole team. I wish them all the success. I hope the Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda partnership continues and we get to see it for years to come.

Dipps Bhamrah (@dippsbhamrah)

In the words of WWE’s Daniel Bryan… YES! YES! YES! That was my feeling hearing ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ for many reasons.

First and foremost, it is a Bhangra song that sounds NOTHING like the regurgitated production line music we are constantly being given on a regular basis. It’s a major throwback to the sounds of UK Bhangra like Tru-Skool’s Panjabi Folk throwback in making Puth Jattan De.

From Sukshinder Shinda’s obvious use of the brass synths, multi beat percussion arrangement and live band feel, to subtle things like the delay FX on Jazzy’s voice and use of samples; this record made me very happy.

Jazzy B brings the fire, the Folk N Funky 2 project is underway, and I’m gonna say it… Sukshinder Shinda’s best work since Living The Dream. 

I said 2017 was the relaunch of UK Bhangra. Jazzy B & Sukshinder Shinda have answered the call with an uppercut… Who’s next? 

Maximum NRG (@maximum_nrg)

Tell the truth, I wasn’t looking forward to the release. I honestly thought it would be same lyrics with updated music. Oh, was I proven wrong. This release is actually what I’ve been waiting for many, many years – that signature UK Bhangra sound. Londono Patola Reloaded has all the right elements, not least the perfect collaboration of Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda. It’s like GURU and DJ Premier.

For me, it’s the track that has instantly made me want to rewind the years and DJ again playing this tune. I can just imagine dropping this at Bagleys Warehouse London, and 2000 Bhangra heads would be going ballistic!

Shinda has unearthed all his 90s Bhangra soundbanks to create that authentic 90s sound. What this track shows is that there is still room for the 90s UK Bhangra sound. UK Bhangra is not all Tumbi, Algozey, and Sarangi samples with a monotonous dhol beat. It sounds like a band playing. This could not be further from all other productions. The song does not go 10 seconds without a keyboard melody, then a dholki breakdown; all between Jazzy B’s brilliant vocal delivery.

There is room for this type of UK Bhangra sound, the band sound. Not your boring one-dimensional productions with their stupid hook lines. I hope this is a reignition of this Bhangra sound. Please let there be more. All Bhangra heads know it makes sense.

Bhangra Tape Deck would like to thank Tru-Skool, Tubsy, JK, Dipps Bhamrah and Maximum NRG for taking the time out to give their thoughts on ‘Londono Patola Reloaded’.

iTunes Link


‘Londono Patola Reloaded’ is out now on Zee Music Company Records via all major digital outlets.

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