*NEW SINGLE* ‘Deep Obsession’ by Gurj Sidhu & Kaos Productions – Out Now!


The name Gurj Sidhu now carries with it a certain expectation from the listening public. Powerful folk vocals equally complimented with hard hitting beats. His previous singles have done just that. ‘Nazareh‘ and ‘Put Sardaran De‘ brought with them the reggae vibe, whereas ‘Patta Lagg Ju‘ deviated and introduced a fresh sound.

The 6-Foot plus Powerhouse is back with his first release of 2017, ‘Deep Obsession’ – his last track to be released prior to the drop of his long awaited debut album, ‘Sentimental Value’, out February 2017. Written by Ninder Moranwalia, the track talks of a girl with mesmerising looks, and the lasting effect they have on people. Teaming up once again with his now go to producers, critically acclaimed duo, Kaos Productions, they now deliver a track with a Drum N Bass vibe. Yes, Drum N Bass!

As with all Gurj Sidhu releases, you never really know what he’s going to pull out of the bag. There is no formula with this guy – he continues to surprise us all with his versatility. ‘Deep Obsession’ isn’t any different. From the onset, you are slapped in the face with his impeccable vocals, taking you on a journey to somewhere where we think we are all familiar with. Everything changes at 48 seconds into the track. That beat… Damn, that hits you hard!

In today’s age, Panjabi music is often fused with Hip Hop or Dance genres. To have a folk style track, in 2017, fused with Drum N Bass – that is unheard of! A very refreshing sound, to say the least.

Gurj says:

“This track was always something that we knew had to be different. As it is written in a style called a Kali, there’s only so much you can do with it.

Amo (Kaos Productions) and I spoke about a doing a track with a Drum N Bass vibe for a while, and thought we needed a wild card on the album. So, we decided to make this track with that vibe. That gamble paid off! The response has been overwhelming.”

Amo Hayer (@KaosProductions) says:

“We took a big risk with this one by making it a Drum N Bass joint, when it was easier and safer to bang the infamous GDR loop on it. We, as punters, are also fed up with hearing the same old monotonous sound, and are actively trying to bring in fresh vibes.

Drum and Bass/ Jungle music is something we grew up listening to and we thought it would be unexpected to provide such a backdrop for a powerful raw folk vocalist.

Big respect to all involved and their hard work to make this song a reality, and in particular, respect to Gurj Sidhu for believing in us and supporting us in taking the sound away from the norm.”

The Video

The music video for the track has been conceptualised, filmed and directed by Sunny Dhinsey of Filmlore (@Filmlore), in the mesmerising and captivating backdrop of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Jasmine May (@JASMINE_MAY1) features as the female lead.

Gurj says:

“We didn’t initially think that this was going to be a video song, but when we started rinsing the song in the car, we thought, it’s not everyday you hear a Folk Drum and Bass track.

I had the chance to perform this song at a gig in the UK, and people were raving to it. It was only then when it made me think – why not make a video for the track? I got in touch with my team and decided we needed a next level video for this type of song. Credit goes to Sunny from Filmlore, the team, and Jasmine May, who all played a big part in the whole video.”

Artist Reactions

Tubsy (@tubsydholki)

Great vocals as usual by Gurj Sidhu. Production by Kaos Productions was on point as always, and a very well thought out video. However, I was expecting this to be a Desi track, so was totally and pleasantly surprised. Great work!

Dipps Bhamrah (@dippsbhamrah)

It’s a true expression of musical passion in a world where going for the norm is the safe and easy thing to do. Hopefully, it’s a marker for others to just go with their gut instinct and make their own sound.


I love this track! This record was made for me, coming from that Drum N Bass era. The track just works. Gurj Sidhu has this beautiful Kaliyan vibe, and then the heat from the Drum N Bass beat brings that extra depth to the track. It just feels good!

iTunes Link


‘Deep Obsession’ is out now on Moviebox Records via all major digital outlets.

Watch out for the EXCLUSIVE interview with Gurj Sidhu, dropping very soon, prior to the release of his debut album, ‘Sentimental Value’.

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