*NEW SINGLE* ‘Gora Gora’ by Panjabi MC & Ashok Gill – Out 3rd Nov 2016!


Jogi, Mirza Part 2, Mundian To Bach Ke, Jind Mahi, Jugni, Dhol Jageero Da, Main Hogaya Sharabbi, Moorni, Picha Ni Chad De…

We’re seriously going to be here forever if we try and list all the hit tracks Panjabi MC has produced over the years. This guy knows how to make a banger. Fact.

Panjabi MC returns with his third offering in 2016, ‘Gora Gora’, the follow up single to ‘Picha Ni Chad De‘ and ‘Meri Bhain‘. The public have been eagerly awaiting Panjabi MC’s comeback and for him to wipe the floor clean with his expertly crafted concoctions of hard hitting beats and basslines. 2016 has been great in delivering just that! Both ‘Picha Ni Chad De’ and ‘Meri Bhain’ have been received very well with the buying (we hope they’re buying) public, which showcase the versatility and pure genius of Panjabi MC.


‘Gora Gora’ is taken from his forthcoming album, ’56 Districts’. This album has been a long time coming, given that Panjabi MC’s last album was ‘The Raj’, which released all the way back in 2010! Lyrics penned by Binder Nawepindia – the man who wrote the now anthem, ‘Picha Ni Chad De’, so we know we’ll be in for a treat.

Panjabi MC once again collaborates with renowned vocalist, Ashok Gill, for the new single. This is not the first time Panjabi MC has collaborated with Ashok Gill, having previously worked together on ‘Main Hogaya Sharabbi‘, ‘Moorni‘ and ‘Bari Barsi‘. We are confident that the duo won’t disappoint with their latest track!

There’s just one more thing. Jumping on the track with Panjabi MC and Ashok Gill is internationally acclaimed rapper, Mr. Regulate himself, Warren G! This is a BIG feature that Panjabi MC has kept very quiet, indeed. Could ‘Gora Gora’ be the next track that crosses over into the mainstream scene? Only time will tell…

More about the artist…

Ashok Gill is no newcomer to the Panjabi music scene. As well as lending his vocals to Panjabi MC’s previous tracks, other notable releases have been alongside Gee Grewal’s ‘Nachna Nai Onda’ and more recently Nikka Sev’s ‘Samaneh’. He is definitely a strong vocalist, but also underrated at the same time. Ashok Gill deserves more attention.

More about the music…

Coventry based Panjabi MC is a man of few words, but a man that lets his music do the talking. His career  has spanned over 20+ years, starting out with killer remix albums like ‘Majic Desi’ and ‘100% Proof’ in the early to mid 90s. His sound is and always has been instantly recognisable. It is clearly evident from his releases, why he is the most famous panjabi music producer on the planet, attracting the eyes and ears of international superstar, Jay-Z, in the early 2000s. We are sure that, given his success he has had with his previous releases this year, ‘Gora Gora’ won’t be any different!

Panjabi MC is one of the few artists that you can go into iTunes and click buy, without hearing the 1:30 preview.

Track Preview

iTunes Link


‘Gora Gora’ releases on 3rd November 2016 on PMC Records via all major digital outlets.

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