*NEW ALBUM* ‘Back in 96’ by K S Bhamrah & Frantic Productions – Out 27th Oct 2016!


This is unheard of.

An album, recorded 20 years ago, but never released, is finally making its way to the public domain.

Let’s face it. Anything to do with the 90s is currently back in fashion. Be it clothes or music for that matter. Today’s Panjabi music releases are also following that same trend – revisiting the sound where the UK scene was at its peak. A sound that truly represented us UK Panjabis.

But, to have an album that was actually recorded during that time, releasing today; an organic and true representation of that 90s sound – well, that is something very special, indeed.

K S Bhamrah, of the legendary Apna Sangeet, returns to the scene, with his new ‘old’ album, ‘Back in 96’, unaltered, the way it was originally recorded in 1996. How this album was forgotten over the years just baffles us. An absolute genius move by K S Bhamrah to put the album out at this very moment in time, when in our opinion, the UK Panjabi scene has just started to pick up and artists are now slowly beginning to release quality music back into the market. This could very well be the album that wakes everyone up!

More about the Artist…

Do we really need to introduce K S Bhamrah? This is an artist, who, collectively with Sardara Gill and Apna Sangeet, laid the foundation to the UK scene in 80s/ 90s with albums such as ‘Tour India’, ‘Chakk De Phattey’ and ‘Ronak Mela’ to name a few. For the youngsters, K S Bhamrah is the voice behind the anthem ‘Mera Yaar Vajay Dhol’.

A fact about K S Bhamrah that is often forgotten – he is also the man who played the tumbi on the most famous Panjabi track of all time, ‘Mundian To Bach Ke’ by Panjabi MC!

More about the Music…

Frantic Productions were a very well known production duo from the 90s, lending their musical talents to albums such as ‘Sign of the Times’ by Eshara and the remix album ‘A Frantic Situation’ to name a few. In recent times, one half of the duo, Kam Frantic, has had his hand in a lot of UK releases such as ‘Jawani’ by DJ H and ‘Chalakiyan’ by Lembher Hussainpuri.

Promo Video

‘Back in 96’ releases on 27th October 2016 on Generasian Records via all major digital outlets.

iTunes Link


For the rest of us that still love that physical copy, with the inlays and all that – the CD release will follow in November 2016.

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