*NEW SINGLE* ‘Yaar Punjabi’ by Dipps Bhamrah & Apna Sangeet – Out Now!

DIPPS_YP_Cover_Final 5_4600x4600

Right then. It’s been a while, we know. We apologise for that. In our, you could say, hibernation, we’ve been questioning a few things. How can we take this brand/ movement to another level? How can we carry on supplying engaging quality content to our audience? To be totally honest, it was only a matter a time before we went down this route.

BTD has now officially entered the audio/ visual domain with video interviews! And what better way to launch our foray into this arena than to interview the Captain of Bhangra himself, Mr. Dipps Bhamrah. This is a totally new angle for us, so bare with, whilst we find our bearings.

Hot off the press with his brand new single, ‘Yaar Punjabi’ featuring the legendary Apna Sangeet, BTD and Dipps have worked together to bring to you a relaxed interview, where Dipps talks about his new single, the UK scene and more.

Let us know what you think!

Listen to the track here!

Apple Music


As always, a massive thank you to Dipps for taking the time out to talk about his new single.

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