BTD and Daily Ent. Xpress join forces!


You didn’t expect this one, did you?

This partnership has been in talks for quite a few months, but we wanted to save the announcement until the new year. This is probably the first time two websites have partnered up to bring out further quality content to a wider audience.

Bhangra Tape Deck (BTD) was established back in September 2016, and prides itself on bringing out quality articles that supplement new UK releases, as well as paying homage to the classics of yesteryear. The Flashback Fridays articles have been somewhat neglected since the UK started to release more frequently in 2017. However, we’re going to try and release a few Flashback Fridays articles this year!

On the other end of the spectrum, Daily Ent. Xpress (DEX), formally known as Desi Music Xpress, was and still is a website with a difference. Having recently gone through a rebrand and resurrection, DEX focuses heavily on the music business side of the game, shedding light on actual sales figures, music trends and much more.


BTD says:

“We were already massive fans of the DEX boys’ work, way before BTD even existed, when they were active a few years ago, and we’ve been pestering them for a while to come back. Now they’re back on the online scene, we thought it would be good to partner up and try and shake the scene up together. Thankfully, they agreed! DEX brings something different to the game – something the scene always needed. The business element of music is something that is neglected quite heavily by artists in general, and can prove to be extremely detrimental to an artist’s career if overlooked for too long.”


Daily Ent. Xpress says:

“It’s a changing world, and people’s interests are no longer just streamlined into one form of music. We, at Daily Ent. Xpress, are happy to be joining forces with Bhangra Tape Deck, who will conduct interviews and provide insights into the growing Desi scene from the UK and overseas. The team at Bhangra Tape Deck have, over the years, proved to have a great working ethic and rapport with artists. We hope that this will continue and both sites will grow alongside each other, bringing you, the reader/ viewer, closer to the music scene you love.”

This is where this partnership comes into play. As they say, two minds are better than one. Both websites have extensive contacts in the UK Panjabi scene, and both feel this partnership has the potential to make a real difference in the game. It will aim to assist artists in their strategies and bring them into the 21st century way of working.

So many things have been happening in the wider music business as of late, and it’s about time the UK Panjabi music industry started to pay attention.

Watch out for updates coming in the near future about the BTD-DEX partnership!

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