*NEW SINGLE* ‘Nachne Da Cha’ by Dev Dhillon & Aman Hayer – Out Now!

Not been a bad few weeks for the UK scene, has it? Our artists are waking up from their long slumber, and are now releasing more. They’re finally realising it’s no good having a load of tracks sat on their computer if they can potentially be doing damage in the market. Volume is now key. But, as the same time, quality should not suffer. A consistent stream of quality releases is required in order for our UK scene to start thriving again.

And guess who’s back this time? It’s none other than Dev Dhillon! Where did he go? That is one question we’ve been asking ourselves for years. He is definitely an underrated singer, even though he’s been a part of the UK scene for 10+ years. The last 5 years, however, he has been very quiet indeed. He has only released a couple of tracks in those 5 years, since his debut album, ‘Mulakaat’, back in 2012. The last we heard of him was back in 2014, with his singles, ‘Dil Wali Gal’ and ‘Pyar’.

Dev is now back with a brand new single titled ‘Nachne Da Cha’, with music done by none other than his go to producer, now known as the ‘Wizard of Bhangra music’, Aman Hayer. Dev and Aman have together produced many hits in their partnership over the years, most notably ‘Chak Dow Ge’ from ‘Groundshaker 2’, and of course Dev’s debut album, which featured tracks like ‘Hor Nachna’, ‘Ankhi’ and ‘Kundiya’.

Bhangra Tape Deck caught up with both Dev Dhillon and Aman Hayer to discuss the new single.

It’s been a while since we heard from Dev Dhillon. Why return now?

Dev Dhillon: I actually have recorded songs with a lot of other producers and DJs in the years you haven’t heard anything from me. But, for one reason or another, these tracks haven’t been released. Everyone gets busy, I suppose. The initial plan was that every year, I would release a few songs, all with different styles; showcasing my versatility as a vocalist.

What’s the story behind the new track?

Dev Dhillon: ‘Nachne Da Cha’ is a track I’ve written and composed myself. With regard to the lyrics and concept, I had a story/ scene built up in my head whereby it was a wedding setting, with the whole family getting involved. This is why I’ve mentioned all family members in the song. It’s a song where I wanted all the family to get up onto the dance floor at weddings and celebrate such a joyous occasion, together.

What was it like working with Aman Hayer again?

Dev Dhillon: Aman and I go way back. We’ve been working together since 2004, which is when I came over to the UK from India. I’ve always enjoyed working with Aman. Our relationship isn’t just that of a producer and a singer. We have a very close friendship. He is such a good producer, and a very talented musician. I’m always learning new things from him. I have worked with a lot of different producers in my time, but I have a special bond with Aman. My voice is quite a folk style voice, and Aman’s music is also very folk too, with all the traditional instrumentation. So, you could say my voice with his music is like a hand in glove fit. It was no brainer to go to Aman to produce the new track.

Aman Hayer: Dev is a great singer, but also massively underrated, despite having quite a few hits over the years. Now that he’s back, expect to see and hear a lot more from him in the future.

Now that you’re back in the limelight with ‘Nachne Da Cha’, please tell us you’ve got more music in the pipeline…

Dev Dillon  Haha! I do have some things in the pipeline. I’ve recorded a song with Ravi Bal paaji. We’re going to shoot the video for that one very soon, hopefully by the end of the month. That track should be out by Christmas. There’s another song I’ve also written and composed. It’s on the same vibe as ‘Chak Dow Ge’ and ‘Ankhi Puth Panjab De’ – Proper folk style. Aman produced those tracks. So, God willing, we’ll work together on that one too.

Listen to the new track

‘Nachne Da Cha’ is out now on Aman Hayer Productions via all major digital outlets.

Apple Music


We highly recommend you check out Dev Dhillon’s back catalogue after you’ve listened to ‘Nachne Da Cha’. He’s had some bangers in his time! ‘Chak Dow Ge’ from Aman Hayer’s Groundshaker 2 album is a favourite of ours.

Bhangra Tape Deck would like to thank both Dev Dhillon and Aman Hayer for taking the time out to talk about their new single.

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