Diljit Dosanjh sells out Canada Tour!

Diljit Dosanjh.

Artist. Actor. Superstar.

Diljit has accomplished an incredible amount in his illustrious career to date. From starting off as a budding young vocalist with his debut album, Ishq Da Uda Ada, to now more recently conquering the Bollywood scene, it’s safe to say that Diljit has become the finest export from Panjab in recent times. The guy definitely has developed the midas touch. His music releases, more often than not, become viral. His films are growing ever more popular with each new movie he stars in. His charisma, on and off the camera, is what makes Diljit an instantly likeable character; not just with the young generation, but also with the senior generation.

All of these factors have fed into the creation of the Diljit Dosanjh brand. This brand has rocketed the singer to superstardom. Don’t let his simple demeanour fool you. If Diljit’s past success is anything to go by, then it is evident that he is a very good businessman, and knows exactly what he is doing – something that greatly lacks in today’s industry. Diljit has a plan, and he is definitely well on his way to achieving it. Some may say that he’s achieved, but he continues to surprise. This is only the beginning.

Branding in the Panjabi music scene, in general, is something that is very much neglected by a lot of artists. In today’s Internet age, branding is crucial. It is no longer just about your abilities as a vocalist and entertainer. Appearance and social media presence heavily influence your brand, and will make or break you. Funnily enough, the music scene has now become a visual game. If your visuals aren’t on point, you won’t be taken seriously as an artist. Visuals are anything from music videos to your wardrobe. Most artists are now focusing on the visuals a lot more, but only some are doing this right. Diljit being one of them in the latter category.

Social Media is KEY!

Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have grown exponentially in recent years, and if used in the correct manner, can propel your brand to unprecedented heights. Given that the demographic that use these platforms are tending more towards the younger generation, it would be suicide to not utilise these to expand your brand. Diljit has shown, time and time again, how to use these tools the proper way. Diljit knows what is current, and capitalises on that. His social media posts aren’t just an extension of his music or films – they are an extension of him. This is what the young public want – that personal touch. And Diljit definitely delivers in that department. The campaigns and graphics behind his concerts, combined his loveable personality, are what have added that edge to his already thriving brand. A genius advertising and marketing technique.

Abbotsford Center – SOLD OUT!

It is only through the years of hard graft, as well as accepting and embracing the importance of the artist’s brand, which have allowed Diljit to accomplish a phenomenal achievement. And that is, he has completely SOLD OUT the first show of his Canadian tour, due to take place on 6th May 2017, at the Abbotsford Center in Abbotsford, Canada.

Why are we celebrating this, we hear you say. This isn’t just a small concert hall. The Abbotsford Center is 8500 capacity arena. Selling out an arena of this size is something that should be celebrated. Diljit is, currently, the only Panjabi artist, that is selling out these big arenas at this rapid rate. This is hugely due to his brand. Panjabi artists should follow Diljit’s example and fully understand the importance of their brand, invest in themselves, create a plan on where they want to be in X amount of years, and go ahead and achieve it. Contrary to popular belief, Panjabi music isn’t just for weddings. It should be showcased on the big arena stage, where it rightfully deserves its place. You don’t see acts like Drake rocking up to a wedding and doing a PA. Why should Panjabi music be any different? Think BIG, people!


None of this, however, should take away from the fact that you need to be able to sing, and sing very well indeed. Your branding is absolutely nothing without the core ingredient. That vocal needs to be good, trained and exercised daily, and last but by no means least, be looked after, always.

Dream Tour Tickets

Tickets for the Diljit’s Dream Tour can be purchased via Ticketmaster:


Bhangra Tape Deck would like congratulate Diljit Dosanjh on this amazing achievement, and wish him all the best with his Canadian tour. No doubt, the audience are in for a power packed treat.

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